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Wilderness Chefs® Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven

(60 customer reviews)

Original price was: $110.00.Current price is: $79.00.

Material:  Cast Iron
Capacity:   8 Quarts
Color:        Deep Camp Dutch Oven<br />Product Care Instructions:    Hand Wash Only
Item Weight:   19.4 Pounds
Lid Material:    Cast Iron
Product Dimensions:   13.4″W x 8.6″H
Item Weight:    19.35 pounds

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Wilderness Chefs: The Art of Campfire Cooking with Our Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven”

Immerse yourself in the authentic outdoor cooking experience with Wilderness Chefs, where our passion for quality and tradition is perfectly encapsulated in our Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven. This Dutch oven is not just a cooking vessel; it’s the heart of the campfire kitchen, designed for the outdoor chef who savors the art of slow-cooked, flavorful meals.

Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven: Our Dutch Oven is a quintessential tool for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Crafted from high-quality cast iron and pre-seasoned for your convenience, it’s ready to use right out of the box. The deep design allows for generous portions, making it ideal for stews, roasts, soups, and baking.

The robust construction ensures even heat distribution and excellent heat retention. This is crucial for slow cooking and infusing your dishes with that distinctive cast iron flavor. The tight-fitting lid seals in moisture and heat, allowing your meals to simmer to perfection.

Our Dutch Oven features a sturdy handle and a flat lid that doubles as a griddle, offering versatility and practicality. Be it cooking over a campfire, on a grill, or using hot coals, this Dutch oven consistently delivers delicious results.

At Wilderness Chefs, we believe in the power of quality cookware to transform your outdoor cooking experiences. Our Seasoned Cast Iron goes beyond being mere equipment; it’s a vital part of your culinary adventures

60 reviews for Wilderness Chefs® Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven

  1. E. Hyman

    chicken, roast, or anything else you can fit with a carrot and a potato … fire, stove, wood furnace, whatever…

  2. Natalie

    I bought this as a gift for my roommate. We went camping recently and made 2 dinners and a breakfast in it! I think she likes it. The food was delicious and the dutch oven worked great. It’s nice and heavy and feels good quality.

  3. D. Johnson

    It was actually a gift for my son. He loves it and uses it all the time. Uses it on an open fire outside and on the stovetop. Cooks evenly every time.

  4. Milton Cutter

    Love this Dutch oven. I bought it for camping but found I am using it at home more than I thought I would. Everything we have cooked in it has come out perfect!

  5. J. Espinoza

    This is just a beautiful piece. Using it as a Dutch oven was perfect.

  6. Danielle S

    Very heavy but well made! We used it for camping and cooking over an open fire. It worked awesome! And now we use it.

  7. Brandee Davidson

    I purchased it as a Christmas gift for my husband and he loves it! Perfect size.

  8. jacqueline mcclure

    This is a perfect size for 1-2 people main dish or a side of veggies. As for all cast iron heat before you add food, clean well, wipe a little canola oil all over, and store in a dry place. Besides working well it is cute as a bug! Good cast iron is expensive but if well cared for it will outlast you!

  9. James Hawlk

    I bought this as a gift for my husband! He really likes it! He cooked some really good potatoes in it! It does take a while to heat up and cook. I guess that’s anything you cook over a fire.

  10. Dogga Momma

    Great size and quality for the price. Solid and perfect for camping or off grid. The tool that comes with it makes it super easy to move it around without getting burned.

  11. KJFrelich

    It’s pretty heavy, make sure you have a strong enough pole to hold it over the fire

  12. W. Frank Agee

    If you like dutch oven cooking, this is for you. If you never have used one and want to start, this is for you as well.

  13. MICHAEL A.

    The product is as promised. Great quality. I am going to use this item for roasts and upside down cakes. Make sure to season to prevent rust.

  14. Dave

    Comes ready to use, had soup boiling an hour after I opened it. I just threw a bunch of random vegetables and water in the pot and….. some of the best outdoor open fire soup I’ve ever had.

    Very easy to maintain temperature, easy to clean, stays warm for a while with the cast iron. Can set it right inside with the legs built into the pot.

    Start this baby up and let it go, taste as you do yard work or play corn hole. So simple…

  15. brenda

    Great product!!

  16. Kelly

    We love this Dutch oven! We. Love. It! It’s so amazing!

  17. Cdll089

    Just make sure you keep up on it it is cast-iron and works perfectly.

  18. Kayla Dixon

    I like the quality.

  19. JOEJOE

    If a persons is sure cast iron is what they need, then they can always count on lodge to deliver a great product.

  20. Paul Roberts

    Very durable. Love the size for large quantities.

  21. Tina E

    Love cooking in this over fire. Food taste great

  22. Melissa

    Used this to cook beans over a camp fire. Love the large size.

  23. Randy

    This is perfect for cooking and frying

  24. Redball

    Excellent buy for the price.

  25. Jfantis

    Dutch Cast iron oven easy to clean and cooks evenly.
    Love it!!!

  26. Ronda Hill

    Have always loved cast iron and this piece is exactly as expected. Good value.

  27. Terence

    This pot was just what I needed. I grew up with the big black pots but that was to make enough for families.

  28. Amanda W.

    great oven for doing small batch cooking.

  29. Cowboy

    great oven for doing small batch cooking

  30. Amanda W.

    This is great for cooking over the fire!

  31. Julie childers

    I bought this as a gift for my husband, he had been wanting one for a long time and I am finally got it.

  32. sandra robinson

    He loved it when he opened it so I’m sure it is fine

  33. [email protected]

    Food tastes wonderful cooked over a campfire or over coals cooked in this.

  34. W. Frank

    If you like dutch oven cooking, this is for you. If you never have used one and want to start, this is for you as well.

  35. james couslin

    love it cooks fantastic now i want the next size down for extra side dishes ITS THE ONLY WAY TO COOK and i love the dished top and the little legs on the bottom its the perfect pot

  36. Bob Johnson

    Overall loved product. However sides of product could be taller. Also product started to rust after use. This can be prevented by immediately applying oil after each use

  37. julie childers

    I bought this as a gift for my husband, he had been wanting one for a long time and I am finally got it. Only thing I got wrong was he wanted eight inch or bought twelve. Now he loves the twelve inch and said he even liked it better. Highly recommend the Chicken and rice.

  38. Dave Davis

    Christmas present for my daughter, it should last my generations. We have one, love it on our camping trips fixing tasty meals!

  39. Kathy Fulghum

    My husband has been wanting one so he can cook outside over a fire . Great family fun! Grandkids can’t wait!

  40. Lawrence W.

    I bought this for our camping trip to Harrisville State Park in Michigan. Cooked up a mean breakfast bake and chili with cornbread on top. Worked beautifully and cleaned up easily. Looking forward to many more trips and meals.

  41. Wonder Woman

    Bought It for one of my employees. He loved it

  42. Wayne

    Very happy with this oven. The finish wasn’t perfect, but that is the nature of cast iron. I’m hoping to get 50 years or more service from it.

  43. Milton Cutter

    Love this dutch oven. I bought it for camping but found I am using at home more than I thought I would. Everything we have cooked in it has come out perfect!

  44. Connie B

    Purchased for my son who loves camping with his family. He loves this Dutch oven, and said the size is perfect!

  45. BenThere

    Perfect for campfires, but can also be used in an oven. Heavyweight and perfect lid fit!

  46. Jamie Jankowski

    I received this as a gift from my wife for my outdoor kitchen. It works perfectly.

  47. Catherine

    This dutch oven is awesome! I just used it on my last camping trip and it was a hit with everyone in my group.

  48. Gail Oerther

    We have used this almost every weekend at the lake doing some cowboy cooking. It’s awesome!

  49. Mikhail

    Fantastic strong iron oven. Cooked fantastic dishes on open fire with it.

  50. Purpleflying

    Well made, very heavy, easy to clean, and very useful! I love it!

  51. Willie

    Bought it for my son who goes camping aloft. He said it is a great Dutch oven. Recommends it if you are a outdoor camping kind of person.


    This is one of the best cooking items I ever bought. I will be buying more. Camp Chef makes great products.

  53. Sarah Jones

    This dutch oven worked perfect for cooking our dutch oven recipes in the camp fire while camping!

  54. Justin

    Great pot for outdoors cooking, small and affordable. It does the job very well.

  55. JKrugh

    Can’t wait to use it. Very durable and well worth the price.

  56. Charlie

    Great product. We love using it to cook stews and they always turn out great.

  57. R.A.E.

    Nice cast iron pot and lid with handle. Very pleased with the product overall.

  58. Morris

    I purchased this for my son, who camps out a lot with his sons and scouts. He really loves it and has gotten a lot of use out of it.

  59. Willie Williams

    Used to bake biscuits for breakfast and made a blueberry cobbler for dessert after supper while camping. Only used coals from camp fire for heat

  60. Phil M.

    I really love this pot, its useful for all my cooking needs! need a stew over open flame, its got you. Need a toaster, put it on the lid directly on the fire or while its covering the food in pot. need a camp oven, throw some food in it, put the lid on, and cover this thing in coals! i love the many uses for it!

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