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Wilderness Chefs® Iron Skillet For Outdoor Cooking

(40 customer reviews)

Original price was: $43.00.Current price is: $31.00.

Material: Cast Iron
Special Feature: Oven Safe
Color: Black
Compatible Devices: Smooth Surface Induction
Product Care Instructions: Dishwasher-Safe
Item Weight: 2.65 Pounds
Item Weight: 2.65 pounds
Diameter: 7.75 Inches
Included Components: Fry Pan

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Wilderness Chefs: Mastering Campfire Cuisine with Our Traditional Iron Skillet

Explore the joys of authentic outdoor cooking with Wilderness Chefs, where our commitment to quality and tradition shines through in our Wilderness Chefs Iron Skillet for Outdoor Cooking. This versatile skillet isn’t just a cooking utensil; it’s your gateway to a world of rich flavors and timeless techniques, designed specifically for the outdoor chef who cherishes the essence of campfire cuisine.

Iron Skillet for Outdoor Cooking: Our iron skillet is a testament to durability and classic cooking. Crafted to withstand the demands of open-flame cooking, this skillet brings unparalleled heat retention and even heating of iron to your outdoor culinary adventures.

The skillet’s sturdy construction handles high campfire and grill temperatures effortlessly. It’s versatile and perfect for frying, sautéing, baking, and grilling. Its naturally non-stick surface improves with each use, adding character and flavor to every meal.

Our iron skillet features a comfortable handle and an easy-to-use design. It’s not only functional but also a pleasure to cook with. Whether you’re searing steaks, simmering stews, or baking cornbread, this skillet consistently delivers delicious results.

At Wilderness Chefs, we believe in the power of quality tools to enhance the outdoor cooking experience. Our iron skillet isn’t just cookware; it’s a crucial component of your outdoor kitchen. It empowers you to explore a world of culinary possibilities.

40 reviews for Wilderness Chefs® Iron Skillet For Outdoor Cooking

  1. Ruth Moore

    Gift for daughter who wanted cast iron skillet. sent to her before her birthday.

  2. Susan G.

    Perfect cooking skillet, looks nice, pre seasoned

  3. Marchel

    This is a heavy and very solid pan. The care instructions that came along with the pan was good information to have. It does take a few more minutes to clean

  4. Mary Lee

    It was a gift for a special person. It was the perfect pan she had on her wish list.

  5. Digbee82

    It’s the perfect size, and very durable. Took it camping and it worked great!

  6. DIANE

    I like that food is cooked very fast.

  7. C. Malarchuk

    I absolutely love this. Coming preseasoned was great. I have cooked many steaks in this and the pan is better with each one.

  8. Sherron

    I love cast iron skillets. I throw these right on my pellet grill and cook breakfast. And they last forever.

  9. Paula C. Werts

    I have used this pan several times and it cooks beautifully

  10. Amanda Conley

    This cast iron is amazing, after doing our seasoning on it it is completely non stick and makes the most amazing food. It heats up perfectly in every spot highly recommend

  11. Cody DeBord

    Works perfectly on our induction stove! I love it!

  12. Donna S

    The color is pretty, it heats up well and I love cooking with the pan.

  13. Hailey Suthers

    Love this pan. Its heavy duty and pretty much the perfect size for cooking anything

  14. Mike McGee

    I love my skillet it’s was awesome it a best buy that I can say the results turned to be a hit at family bbq.

  15. Patricia

    I have been wanting a cast iron skillet to cook certain oven skillet dishes and this one certainly hits the mark with its lovely color and perfect size.

  16. Scott Dyson

    A must for camping, and a trust for home, worth it’s weight in gold, take good care of it, and it will take care of you and satisfy your hunger. Calling all Chef’s this product is a must have.

  17. AE

    This was our first Cast Iron and we love it! It took a little to get use to how to clean it but we can’t imagine not having this now! I highly recommend, its a good size and not too heavy.

  18. Floyd Blair

    It doesn’t only gives you value for money, it out performed my expectations in my meal preparation.
    I am proud to recommend this product.


    I’ve never owned a cast iron skillet before. But since I began learning how to pan fry steaks I took a chance and bought this. hoping it wouldn’t be some cheap knock-off. It’s not. It’s a thick, heavy, iron skillet that cooks up my steaks perfectly!

  20. Muk

    Great value. Good quality for a good price!

  21. P.T.

    Works great for eggs, you need to use enough oil/butter, if you do they won’t stick. Smoother than my Lodge and I prefer the longer handle for moving the pan, lifting to turn eggs, and holding while washing. Amazing value for the price.

  22. jeanne stewart

    Decided to ditch the nonstick pan for this. So glad I did. Our fresh eggs taste delicious when fried up with bacon using this fry pan. Skirt steak was perfect.

  23. Britt

    It’s a great skillet with even cooking, but it’s very heavy. I have to use two hands to pour things out. I’d rather it be heavy duty than garbage though!! It does rust easier so it’s important to dry immediately after cleaning if wet. Well worth it.

  24. Jill N

    This is a great cast iron pan. It arrives ready to use. You don’t have to pretreat it. The instructions for use and care are simple. I’ve been using it daily, and I’m extremely pleased. Nothing sticks to it and it is easy to care for.

  25. Miguel Rosado

    This minipan is amazing. Pancakes, fried eggs, no problem, and it is fast. Spread a drop of oil after every use and it stays stick free. I love it.

  26. Gecko

    This is the best cast iron skillet I’ve ever had. Nice thick metal, good heat distribution, and easy to season the skillet. I find the grab handle on the opposite side to be very useful, considering the weight of the pan. A really high-quality pan. Glad I bought it.

  27. jim henderson

    This is the pan you want!

  28. Sage Hill Roses

    Great size and easily seasoned

  29. njana

    Pre seasoned and great quality

  30. Stacy

    Perfect skillet for stove top and oven. Love that it had the small grip on the side…you really need it because this skillet is heavy duty!

  31. Judy W

    Nothing like a cast iron pan. For real. ⭐️

  32. john j vasta

    Perfect size

  33. Evelyn Neal

    This is my first cast iron skillet. I am so glad to hav one,

  34. michael c. horein

    The added handle is a big selling point for me. I bought it solely for the purpose of making pineapple upside down cake. Things turned out very well.

  35. D. Hauser

    skillet that appears made to last. A bit deeper and with better pouring spouts than the Lodge I tried. Most importantly for me, pan bottom is truly flat, for use one my induction top, where several Lodge ones I tried were not and rocked.

    While not ground completely smooth on the inside, it is the best I’ve seen on anything even close to comparable in price.

  36. Jeff

    I like the handle on this pan. Much more comfortable than straight handles!
    Be aware though that it will take several cycles of seasoning to get the pan to cook well. Modern cast iron is not milled like the old cast iron antiques. So they have a pretty rough surface that needs seasoning. Took 4 cycles of seasoning to get mine to cook well, but most cast modern cast iron is the same way.

  37. Castorag

    Got a new induction stove so I needed new cookware. I’ve wanted a one-sized pan for a long time and was thrilled to find this one. Hears evenly, cleans up easily, fits in with its other cast iron buddies in the kitchen. Identical / same manufacturer as available from a well-known cooking show that evaluates and sells cooking gear; their top-rated model at half the cost. I got this and the mini-saucepan.

  38. Bettye Gurien

    Great Skillet!…highly recommend buying!…it will last a lifetime


    This one is perfect and weight balance it has the additional handle…
    I have arthritis in my wrists, and it makes it easy for me to lift.

  40. grace schiratti

    The skillet came in beautiful condition. Better than expected!!!

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