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Wilderness Chefs® Open Fire Cooking Gravity Combo Grill & Camp Skillet

(29 customer reviews)

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  • Product Dimensions: 19″D x 17.5″W x 5.8″H</li&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;</li&gt;&lt;li>&lt;strong>Special Feature:</strong> Durable, Portable
  • Color: Combo Grill & Skillet
  • Pole dimensions:</strong> 36. 75” tall 1. 125”&amp;lt;/li&gt;&amp;lt;/li></li&gt;<li><strong&gt;diam&l</strong>
  • t;/strong></strong>
  • eter Grill dimensions: 18. 5” x 16. 375”
  • Skillet dimensions: 18. 625” x 15. 625”
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Wilderness Chefs: Culinary Mastery with our Open Fire Cooking Gravity Combo Grill & Camp Skillet

Step into the culinary world of Wilderness Chefs, where our dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship and functional design shines through in our Open Fire Cooking Gravity Combo Grill and Camp Skillet. More than a mere cooking tool, this exceptional culinary instrument is meticulously crafted for outdoor chefs who seek excellence, precision, and top-notch performance.

Every Combo Grill & Camp Skillet is a masterpiece, crafted by skilled artisans. It seamlessly merges traditional craftsmanship with the needs of modern outdoor cooking.

Forged from top-tier materials, this versatile combo grill and skillet promise unparalleled functionality. Its adaptable design and superior heat retention make it perfect for a myriad of cooking styles—grilling, searing, sautéing, and beyond. Experience ease and mastery in preparing various culinary delights over open flames, from vegetables to meats and herbs.

The ergonomic handle, made from premium-quality materials, assures a comfortable and secure grip, minimizing hand fatigue during extensive cooking sessions. Elevating this skillet beyond its functional utility, it becomes an indispensable partner, transforming every cooking endeavor into an enjoyable experience.

At Wilderness Chefs, our fervor lies in empowering culinary imagination through exceptional tools. As a result, our Open Fire Cooking Gravity Combo Grill surpasses typical cookware. It becomes a vital addition to your outdoor culinary toolkit, empowering you to realize culinary visions with precision and creativity.

29 reviews for Wilderness Chefs® Open Fire Cooking Gravity Combo Grill & Camp Skillet

  1. Kay D.

    This was perfect for our camping trip – great price, folds flat for easy transport, and easily sits over the fire. Great for camping trips.

  2. Stephanie

    Perfect for cooking over a campfire!

  3. Jacob Heidel

    Just used this for a camping trip. We staked it into the campfire and left it there for 4 days straight. Cooked numerous meals directly on it, along with boiling water and using cast iron pans on it. Held up great, and cleaned up easy after. Will be a new staple in my camping gear.

  4. caron slusser

    This is a sturdy grill that works well over wood fires. Height adjusts easily.

  5. Joe Bruce

    Good items of this order. really love this item. Next time i will re order for sure and i will promote to my friends.

  6. James

    i have use one before and i had to have one for my self. it works great great for meat over the camp fire and to heat up water.

  7. Brian Hawkins

    Works perfect over camp fire, solid enough to hold pans or pots.

  8. Randel Smith

    Great product and customer service

  9. Randel Smith

    Nice addition to the collections of things I have and I love it. My family and friends was loving it too. Heck they may have bought one already. It’s heavy duty but that’s ok. Get one

  10. Melanie Andrews

    This was a great tool to have camping, we used it directly over the camp fire to cook meat skewers and fish.

  11. Robnrob2

    We like it for camping, I;d rather us this grill then the old ones with bars provided at campsites,, for a cooking surface.

  12. Lowc0817

    Works great, just wish the pole was 24” longer as it won’t stay up in softer soils nor work with my steel burn pit. I have to dig a pit a little less than 3’ deep to use it.

  13. Monica Trejo

    Perfect for what we needed. It fits perfectly on top of the campsite’s fire ring. Sturdy enough for our needs.

  14. Albert

    This grill was fantastic, sturdy and easy to use.

  15. Darky

    This thing is amazing for the price. Straight to the point and bbq anywhere. Love it.

  16. Robert pepper

    Works great. I have used it for about five or six camping trips so far and is holding up. Good product.

  17. TheDrainnoodle

    Works great for grilling food on top of a campfire! Very versatile, would work on a campfire, barbecue, and much more.

  18. Willie

    Gave this to my son and his family who camp a lot. The kids use the grill to cook their hotdogs over an open flame.

  19. Opr8or

    I have yet to use this item. I bought it because it has leg stands and can be used over an open log fire. Perfect size for every occasion.

  20. Princess Zophie

    I’m gonna use it for campfire grill.

  21. Cindy M

    Very nice product!

  22. Jen in Michigan

    We bought this as a gift, so haven’t personally used it, but they absolutely LOVE it!!! They said they’ve also taken the griddle part and used it on their stove top for indoor cooking as well.

  23. Sandra Marsh

    It is very good and is what I wanted, we won’t be using it until spring.

  24. Caylah

    We bought this for our first camping trip with our 8 yo son. It worked awesome.We love this piece of equipment and will use it many times in the future.

  25. Michael schell

    Was really easy to set up, recommend to have something to hammer it into the ground to make it more sturdy.

  26. Geohil

    Inexpensive and reasonable quality for a outdoor cooking grate. Makes cooking over our solo stove easy and fun. Perfect size.

  27. Steven

    Made steaks over the fire worked as should. It’s solid

  28. David P Pierre

    Very simple but effective design. Heavy duty, I expect it to last indefinitely. Breakfast over an open camp fire is the best and this unit provides an excellent way to prepare that breakfast.

  29. Jessie Verh

    It was compact, easy to clean, great for camping

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