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Iron grill asado parrilla argentino barbecue by Wilderness Chefs

Original price was: $263.00.Current price is: $188.00.

  • Made entirely of high-quality, durable iron, this grill is available in three sizes:
  • Small: 60x40cm (23.6×15.7in)
  • Medium: 80x50cm (31.5×19.6in)
  • Large: 100x50cm (39.3×19.6in)
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Iron grill asado parrilla argentino barbecue by Wilderness Chefs. All food tastes better when kissed by smoke and fire, and not just meat, it’s everything from veggies to seafood. This means an open fire and a versatile iron grill asado parrilla is the only thing you need for spectacular outdoor grilling experiences, get-togethers, and dining outside with your friends and family. We upgraded the grill with screw-in legs due to its artisanal nature: sometimes surfaces aren’t smooth enough. Having the possibility of adjusting the legs’ height gives our clients the chance of leaving the grill straight. Also, these new legs make the grill ideal for traveling. You can now take your grill wherever you like!

The 100% full iron construction grill with handles is designe to satisfy your every grilling need, and unlike conventional grills, the grill is portable and uses little space. Very resistant, and with superb heat distribution, you’ll find it easy to assemble restaurant-quality meals with the fantastic flavor only fire brings. The grill comes with easy instructions to season and maintain it in the best conditions for many years. Perfect steaks, succulent sausages, and charred veggies are always guaranteed, all grilled in the famous Wilderness style.


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