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Handmade Stainless Steel Chef Knife with Wood Handle By Wilderness Chefs

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  • Chef knife made of Stainless steel, with 160mm (16cm) effective thread, 40mm height, and 4.5mm thickness.
  • Palo Santo wood cable polished with stainless steel passers.
  • 3mm Labrad and chiseled leather rod in black hand-cooked with waxed thread.
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The Chef Knife crafted from stainless steel is a culinary marvel that seamlessly combines functionality and elegance. With a 160mm (16cm) effective thread, 40mm height, and 4.5mm thickness, this knife is meticulously designe to cater to the diverse needs of chefs and culinary enthusiasts. The blade, made from high-quality stainless steel, is not just a tool but a precision instrument. With a length of 160mm, it offers a perfect balance between versatility and maneuverability. The 4.5mm thickness ensures the blade’s durability and resilience, while the 40mm height adds to its versatility, making it suitable for various cutting techniques, from fine slicing to more robust chopping.

The handle is a work of art in itself, crafted from Palo Santo wood. The wood’s natural elegance is enhanced through meticulous polishing, creating a handle that not only provides a comfortable grip but also adds a touch of sophistication to the knife. Stainless Steel Chef Knife passers add a contemporary flair, marrying tradition with modern design. To complement the exquisite blade and handle, the knife features a 3mm labrad and chiseled leather rod in black. This intricate detail, hand-cooked with waxed thread, not only adds to the knife’s aesthetic appeal but also ensures a secure and stylish connection between the blade and the handle. This meticulous craftsmanship goes beyond functionality; it’s an expression of artistry in culinary tools.  .


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