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Fire pit with BBQ griddle plate, Fire Bowl by Wilderness Chefs

Original price was: $1,489.00.Current price is: $1,064.00.

  • H – 17.7” (45 cm)
  • D – 23.62” (60cm)
  • W – 60 lb (27.3 kg)
  • Heats from 200 to 380 degrees

☝️ You can complete your fire pit:

  • Grill plate – d 9.8” (25 cm)
  • Kazan plate – d 9.8” (25 cm)
  • Stand – d 9.8” (25сm)
  • Shamp – d 20.5” (52cm)
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Transform your backyard or camping experience with our versatile outdoor fire pit with bbq griddle plate. With its round grill design, it’s perfect for BBQ enthusiasts and cooking enthusiasts alike. Enjoy delicious grilled meals without the need for oil, thanks to the charcoal grill feature. Not only does it provide a practical cooking solution, but it also serves as a stylish addition to your patio or backyard decor. Upgrade your BBQ experience with our fire pit with grill and elevate your outdoor cooking adventures with fire pit with bbq griddle plate.

Modern round barbecue:⠀

  • made of carbon certified steel⠀⠀
  • Special organic ⠀ surface coating
  • Perfectly smooth ⠀ Seamless ⠀ Bowl
  • Complete with quality accessories⠀
  • Concise and understated design and ultra-fashionable color.

Vents in the frame and in the bowl allow the necessary amount of air to circulate the fire evenly. The steel plate serves as an ash tray and leaves no soot and ashes behind and can be used as a portable grill without requiring a specially prepared space The allows cooking without oil, which means the vegetables and fish will be both flavorful and carcinogen-free.   

Order now and start enjoying flavorful and healthy meals in the great outdoors! You have accepted my policies by purchasing.


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